Boris Johnson becomes British PM with Brexit vow

Boris Johnson assumed the position of prime minister on Wednesday, promising to take Laos out of the EU on October 31 by all necessary means.

One day after winning the leadership of his integrated party, the former mayor of London and the advertising agent Brexit 2016 instead of Theresa May.

His rise is the peak of a lifelong ambition for white-faced politicians, who are happy to play the clown, but now face challenges.

Johnson has promised to give Brexit a three-month period, but faces protests in Brussels and only a few members of the British Council.

Being loved by many people for his refusal to take his life too seriously, others accused him of breaking words, a way of being flexible in the truth and without power.

Before his appointment, many foreign ministers left the protest against their threats to leave the EU without negotiations on divorce.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn challenged Johnson to call general elections and said he didn’t have the power to govern.

Although he won the victory of the Conservative Party, Wednesday’s YouGov poll found that Johnson’s approval rating is 31% in the public.

Although his appointment was interrupted by protesters, who stopped his boat trip to Buckingham Palace, which was nominated by Queen Elizabeth II.

Author: ahsan Razzaq

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