Mohsin Abbas Haider granted interim bail in domestic violence case but let go from job

Mohsin Abbas Haider received a temporary redress from the committee on Wednesday after police had recorded the first news of the case against Fatema Sohail, his wife, who allegedly accused him of fraud and violence in the family.

Judge Taj Mahmul Shehzad, of the Lahore Court of Sessions, accepted Mohsin Abbas Haider’s request for temporary compensation against bail worth Rs50,000 and prevents the police from stopping him.

Haider, in court, expressed his desire to be included in the investigation, but said he feared being arrested.

Police have registered against Mohsin Abbas Haider but abolished his special marriage

The court advised the Defense Police Station to submit a detailed report on this matter and schedule a subsequent hearing on August 5.

In addition, a private television channel, Mohsin Abbas Haidar, comedy presenter, announced Tuesday that social networks had fired her for accusations of deception and violence within her family and away from him until she was canceled and proved innocent. Before the court.

The police have avoided Haider’s special relationship with the First Homeland.
A day earlier, the Defense police station, although sometimes delayed, filed FIR, which included allegations of threats of murder and abuse of trust, but canceled Haider’s marriage to another woman in the case.

Mohsin Abbas Haider ‘pulling’, ‘kicking’, ‘hitting me’, wife of Fatema Sohail

At his request, Haird’s wife, Sohail, alleged that he had sex with the woman he was drinking at home and with whom he slept in his room before closing the door.

An indicator of his request, he added, is located at the Gaza Defense Police Station.

However, the police, rejecting these allegations of his petition, said that all corners would be considered in the investigation.

Prior to this, Safdar Kazmi Race, Police Police (SP) of Cantt District, reported on the reports of both parties. Sohail accused Haider of being kidnapped, raped and raped by her, and demanded that he pay 5 million kip, which he did with his father’s loan.

He also said that while he changed his behavior a few days after he gave him 5 million Rs, he was “out of control” again and then demanded that he pay another 5 million Rs.

When she refused, she claimed that he had beaten her again and used harsh language while abusing her. He also alleged that Haider was threatened with a short weapon when he told this to his brother Muhammad Ali.

Author: ahsan Razzaq

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