More than 60 killed, hundreds of thousands displaced by flooding in Bangladesh

Government officials said Tuesday that the severe rain has left at least 61 people dead, displacing nearly 800,000 and destroying thousands of homes across Bangladesh.

According to the Disaster Administration and the Ministry of Assistance, almost three million people have been affected by the floods, the worst in two years.

As water levels begin to decrease, officials express concern about the outbreak of communicable diseases in more than 160 million people.

Shah Kamal, secretary of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Assistance, told Reuters the telephone number of the Sirajganj district, a polluted city 130 km (81 miles) from Dhaka.

“That is why we are building hydroelectric plants in areas affected by flooding in the priority terrain.”

At least 22 people with diarrhea and other diseases have been admitted to hospitals in the northern part of Bogra, said Dr. Gowsul Azam.

Raqibul Alam, a spokesman for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Association in Bangladesh, said 700 volunteers, including 100 staff members, participated in operations in the northern and northwestern provinces.

Alam says the Red Cross can provide food, drinking water and other assistance, including 4,500 taka (US $ 54 per family) to help flood victims.

Kamal says the government has set a target of 4580 million dong ($ 543,684) to help people build houses.

Two employees of the Ministry of Agriculture said the original estimate suggested that farmers had lost agricultural products worth more than $ 40 million.

“The loss will increase considerably when we get a complete list of areas affected by floods.”

According to the preliminary assessment conducted by the Department of Disaster Management and Disaster Assistance, 9km of bridges, 172km of roads and almost 250 bridges and showers have been damaged by floods.

In neighboring Nepal, heavy rains caused five earthquakes on Tuesday, leaving 8 dead in Gulmi in the west. Dipak Basnet police said four and two were missing.

Authorities say the last death caused the death of 100 people in the rain in the last two weeks in Himalayas. Thirty people are missing throughout Nepal.

Author: ahsan Razzaq

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