Rana Sanaullah admitted involvement in drug smuggling, claims ANF in challan

By | January 17, 2019

Islamabad – Rana Sanaullah Khan, president of the Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League (PML-N), admitted in his statement to the investigative officer that he had been involved in drug trafficking for years, as the ANF said in a quiet court .

“I have been involved in drug / drug trafficking for years, and my expenses have inflated shortly after entering politics, but my income has not been very high … I have developed links with drug traffickers after entering politics , especially after becoming a minister of law in Punjab. Sana Allah admitted in his statement, according to ANF Chalan.

“I felt that some of my well-known politicians became billionaires and that the main leaders of almost all political parties declared illegal real estate, I was middle class and developed greed after meeting me.” It was an easy way to avoid the police, etc. As an influential person, no one dared to check my car, “according to his statement, to ANF Chalan of the four pages presented to the court on Tuesday.

“I obtained drugs from Afghans in Faisalabad and then other drug traffickers obtained these drugs at different points to smuggle them abroad to different countries.”

But Nabila Sanaullah, wife of the leader of the Muslim League of Pakistan, strongly denied the accusations and described them as a false story against her husband. He claimed that the Afghan National Army was trying to photograph a fake video of her husband with drugs.

“My husband is innocent,” she told Gio News. He described the arrest of Sana Allah as a political victim by many government critics.

The commander of the Afghan armed forces also claimed that “on July 1, the Afghan National Army learned through the source that Rana Sanaullah would transport large drugs on his V-8 No BF-0601 while traveling to Lahore. The forces Afghan navies prepared an attack team consisting of an assistant The Director of the Ministry of Higher Education, Mr. Imtiaz Shima, the inspectors Noaman Gaws, Mohamed Aslam, Ahzam Azzam, the sub-inspectors Anjam Shakil, Nada Ali Hassan, the police chief Tawfiq Ahmed Muhammad Yunus, police officers Ahmad Aftab, Waseem Mokhtar, Wassim Akram, Tawfiq Ahmad, Muhammad Adnan, driver Shahbaz Ajum and police drivers Mohammed Ashfaq And in the Imam Box, the team arrived around 1 pm at Rafi Plaza Lahore, around 3:29 pm, Rana Sanaullah arrived with her bodyguards on the spot with two cars. There were three people in each vehicle. “Heroin bag and a weapon of Rana Sana Allah’s arrest , his bodyguards started fighting with the ANA team. ” Afghan National Army officials also alleged that they had seized 15 kilograms of heroin from the Sanaullah car while supporting the guards of the Pakistan Muslim League (BIA) party leader for restricting the law.

Al-Shallan, who has a copy with this reporter, said private guards attempted to extract Rana Sanaullah from Afghan National Army officials in an attempt to escape, but Afghan National Police forces reached them immediately.

CDR, CCTV channels, CD-ROM, SECP letter, FIA travel history, witness data, NIH reports, asset details and other necessary documents with Challan were also collected.

Azizullah, deputy director of operations, introduced Shaalan, who also read that six witnesses recorded their statements. DD Operations Azizullah, AD Imiaz Chema, Inspector Nauman Ghaus, Inspector Ahsan Azam, SI Tanswar Hussain and ASI Muhammad Saleem were named. Criminal records were also provided to all defendants before the Court. Nine cases have already been filed against four alleged men in the Sanaa-Allah Frog Front on this issue.

A special investigation team, led by a brigadier general, is conducting an investigation against Sanaullah. The team interviewed about six dozen people arrested by the National Armed Forces of Afghanistan in a drug-related case in the last eight days.

The five-member team will continue investigating about 12 people accused in this historical case of drug smuggling over the next two weeks, while the judge extended the return of all defendants, including Sanaullah. The hearing will resume on July 30.

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