Trump ‘doesn’t make things up’, says adviser on Modi’s request for Kashmir mediation

Larry Kudlow, a US economic economic advisor. The US said that US President Donald Trump “cited” a statement that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had requested a commitment to Pakistan in a Kashmir dispute.

After Monday’s welcome to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in the White House, the president of the United States offered to mediate between India and Pakistan in the long-standing problem of Kashmir. He said Modi asked him to consult with Kashmir when they met in Osaka, Japan, outside the G20 summit last month.

Trump welcomes Prime Minister Imran to the White House and proposes a dispute mediated in Kashmir

India has denied that its prime minister made such a request.

Asked by a journalist on Tuesday, if Mr. Trump had made the request, Kudlow answered “a rude question” and said the president of the United States “did nothing.”

“The president does nothing, that is a serious question in my opinion,” Kudlow replied.

The US presidential adviser declined to comment, but it was a better question for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo or national security adviser John Bolton.

“I’m out, it’s out of my way, it’s for Bolton, Pompeo and the president, so I don’t explain it.”

Political storm in India, where Trump asks Modi for a political dialogue in Kashmir

Trump faces the most interesting issues for New Delhi with Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar, who has denied strong support to parliament and support for the Kashmir negotiations was resolved by the spouses.

The opposition leader of India has asked Modi to make a personal statement to parliament to confirm that there is no change in Delhi’s policy of direct negotiations with Islamabad.

Author: ahsan Razzaq

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