Two explosions rock Afghan capital after bus blast: officials

KABUL: Two explosions went off in the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Thursday, minutes after a bus carrying government employees was hit by a blast, killing five people, government officials said.

“One explosion occurred near the bus blast site and the second hit the eastern part of the city,” said Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesman for the interior ministry.

Casualties were feared, he said.

At least five people were killed and 10 wounded when a bomb attached to the bus carrying government employees went off, officials said earlier.

A witness near the site of the bus blast said a minibus had caught fire and he could see several injured people and bodies.

No militant group claimed responsibility for any of the three blasts.

HBO addresses ‘Game of Thrones’ backlash, prequel in the works


Beverly Hills: El primer episodio de la próxima serie Brikol de la serie de HBO, “The Game of Troll”, de HBO International, completó el rodaje en Belfast, dijo el miércoles un ejecutivo de la cadena.

Los funcionarios de HBO revisarán el episodio antes de decidir si realizar una temporada completa, pero Casey Bloys, jefe de programación de red de AT & T Inc., parecía optimista sobre lo que había visto hasta ahora.

Con la finalización del juego “Arush”, que duró ocho temporadas en mayo, muchos fanáticos anhelan regresar al mundo ficticio de Westeros creado por el autor George R. Martin.

La serie fue la piedra angular de las actuaciones iniciales de HBO, pero su última temporada fue controvertida. Tanto los fanáticos como los críticos encontraron giros específicos en la trama, particularmente un personaje básico y preocupante. Cerca de 1.7 millones de personas firmaron una petición en línea para reescribir la temporada pasada.

A pesar del escándalo, Game of Thrones lideró a los rivales de Emmy este año con 32 nominaciones.

La reacción inversa no cambió el enfoque de la red para el paquete, que interpreta a las estrellas Naomi Watts hace miles de años desde el juego “Arush”, dijo Blueways.

“La petición mostró mucho entusiasmo y pasión por el espectáculo”, dijo. “Pero no lo estábamos mirando en serio”.

“Hay muy pocos aspectos negativos de un gran espectáculo popular”, dijo. “Una cosa en la que puedo pensar es que cuando intentas detenerlo, muchas personas tienen opiniones sobre cómo deberían terminar (…) Creo que solo viene con el territorio”.

US Judge blocks Trump’s latest sweeping asylum rule

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A federal judge in San Francisco on Wednesday banned Trump from imposing a new rule to block almost all asylum applications on the border between Mexico and the United States.

Federal District Judge John Tigar in the Northern District of California has issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting this rule and requiring asylum seekers to first seek a safe haven in a third country where they traveled on their way to the United States.

The lawyers said the decision made an illogical decision issued by Washington District Judge Timothy Kelly, who refused to block the verdict in a different lawsuit filed by immigration defense groups.

The Trump administration quickly welcomed the decision and said it would discourage abuse of the asylum process.

After the action taken by the San Francisco Court, the rule will now be suspended pending further action.

“Today’s verdict is an important victory for incredibly vulnerable people and families,” said Melissa Crow, a lawyer for the Center for the Southern Poverty Law, one of the groups that defies the ban.

The Trump administration sought to reduce the growing number of Central American migrants who arrive at the Mexican-American border after fleeing violence and poverty in countries such as Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The vast majority of their asylum applications have been described as fictitious.

After the White House announced the ruling on July 16, the US Civil Liberties Union. UU. And other human rights groups filed a lawsuit in California alleging that it violated U.S. law. UU.

Immigration began to focus again on the presidential campaign in 2020. In the 2016 elections, voters rewarded the letter of then anti-immigration candidate Donald Trump and sent him to the White House after promising to build a wall in the United States. On the Mexican border and called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Seems as if returned after winning world cup, says PM Imran on US visit

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan returned to the country upon completion of a successful tour to the United States on Thursday.

While speaking to media upon his return the jubilant prime minister said that it seemed to him as if he was returning to the country after winning the world cup.

PM Imran said he never bowed down before anyone and neither would he let his nation do it.

He said that Pakistan faced tough times because of ‘thieves and dacoits’, adding that the country would not progress until thieves are put behind bars.

The prime minister said that his purpose was to make Pakistanis a great nation, which is respected around the world.

Trump was not exonerated, Mueller tells US Congress

In a high-risk testimony, wobbly Moller seemed uncertain because the Democrats and Republicans were full of questions about the investigation and repeatedly asked lawmakers to reiterate their question or reaffirm their question.

The former head of the FBI, 74, and the experienced attorney general repeatedly sent legislators to the report, saying he would not go too far in his long-awaited appearances before two House of Representatives committees headed by Democrats.

But his answers made it clear that he was opposed to Trump’s claim that the April report had taken away charges of obstructing justice.

“The result suggests that the president has not been acquitted of the alleged acts,” Muller told the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives.

The former special adviser stressed that Russia intervened in the 2016 elections and did so to reinforce Trump’s campaign against his rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, unlike Trump’s repeated denials.

But he also said that the president or other activist had not been accused of cooperating with the Russians because the investigation lacked sufficient support for conspiracy charges.

“We did not find sufficient evidence of the president’s guilt,” he told the commission.

There is not much new information.
In his first appearance on the hill, Muller offered little support for the initial democratic efforts to launch an attempt to isolate Trump.

Mueller, who enjoyed a solid reputation in direct shooting and personal integrity, seemed old and unstable, as he was receiving questions for the first time since the closure was achieved.

Much of American public opinion remains unclear about its conclusion about whether Trump is criminally challenging justice and if his campaign is in collusion with the Russians.

His 448-page report contains an extensive catalog of communications between Trump and the Russians, which includes attempts at collaboration or complicity, none of which is a specific crime.

Scroll down to read a summary of Mueller’s report

The report also details 10 cases when Trump allegedly tried to obstruct the investigation.

But Muller said he could not recommend charges against Trump because the rules of the Department of Justice prevented him from filing criminal charges against the current president.

Reject Trump’s accusation.
In their interrogation, the Democrats detailed several cases of the report, since Trump’s actions in 2017, including the attempt to dismiss Muller himself, met the criteria to obstruct justice.

While the former FBI chief agreed to describe his behavior, he repeatedly resisted the pressure to say the president had obstructed.

“The president cannot be charged with a crime,” Muller told the committee citing the rules of the Department of Justice.

Democratic lawmakers are disappointed that he “does not necessarily agree” with the conclusion about the blockade of the presidency they were referring to.

Moller’s optimism and difficult responses can thwart the efforts of Democrats to strengthen Trump’s policy / policy.

In addition, Müller’s own image as a hardened public prosecutor suffered, as he did not seem to recall some parts of the investigation and details in the huge report.

“I will leave the answer to our report,” he said several times.

“I’m not aware of that,” he told lawmakers who asked for details.

“It’s a delicate thing to say,” said David Axelrod, a Democratic strategist. “But Muller, whom I respect a lot, has not seen publicly before Congress for at least six years.”

Trump, since 2017, seems to have described Muller’s investigation as a politically motivated witch hunt that seemed to be following the White House special session on Wednesday despite previous statements he would not see the broadcast.

‘Not my prime minister!’: Anti-Boris Johnson protesters rally in London

LONDON (Reuters) – Hundreds of people protested against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday in a vulgar protest in central London hours after he was confirmed as a new leader.

The organizers took an open red-era bus in London to protest Belfast, installed DJ floors to blow up the music and swore speeches full of words from Johnson’s critics.

“I am here to protest the policies of Boris Johnson,” said Andy Anger, a university professor in London, while the young crowd sang several addresses for activists.

“We have reached the era of politics in which the facts do not matter and Johnson has had surprising success in his exploitation.”

“I don’t think he is the right person for the prime minister, he is not the prime minister.”

The audience, which carries a series of paintings, is decorated with slogans such as “The expulsion of Johnson!” And “wake me up from this nightmare” – I walked the streets of Bloomsbury after the first protest in Russell Square on the University of London campus.

John McDonnell, the shadow finance minister, was among those who addressed the masses.

Warned in reference to the brand’s new brand style that says “don’t fall for this celebration: Boris Johnson is dangerous”.

“It is dangerous for our societies, it is dangerous for our society, it is dangerous for the rest of Europe and also for our world.”

Valentina Frasca, from South London, was another opportunity for family members.

“I don’t like Boris very much,” said a 37-year-old teacher. “He is racist and xenophobic, he is a liar, he is not a leader.”

fv”I know how Americans feel now, I feel very ashamed,” he said, referring to opponents in a manner similar to the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

APNS rejects Firdous Ashiq Awan’s ‘media courts’ proposal, urges govt to rescind it

The Association of All Pakistani Newspapers (APNS) rejected the proposal to establish “media courts” announced by Dr. Firdoush Awan, Deputy Prime Minister of Media and Broadcasting, urging that “the federal government withdraw.”

In a joint statement issued by APNS President Hamid Haroun and Secretary General Sarmad Ali, shortly after Dr. Awan’s announcement, APNS said that he “strongly rejects the establishment of media courts as proposed by Dr. Al-Fardoush A’ayan Awan, a special assistant to the Prime Minister for Information Affairs.

They reported that the media were already facing strong pressure in the form of press notices and intimidation measures by the uncontrolled authorities.

“The proposed media courts will be an additional and institutional means to twist the media arm and reflect the mentality of the current power center, which aims to curb opposition voices by all means,” they added.

With emphasis on existing forums and institutions, the organization said: “APNS staff noted that, with a forum for conflict resolution and complaints such as the Press Council of Pakistan and Pemra [Pakistan’s Electronic Media Regulation Authority] , there was no justification for forming special media courts.

“They urged the federal government to withdraw the proposal from the media court immediately if it did not intend to stifle the media in the country.

“APNS reiterates its determination to protect press and expression freedoms in the country and to continue to play the role of observer of the rights of the peoples of Pakistan.”

Earlier in the day, Dr. Awan told reporters, after meeting with office officials at the Pakistan Broadcasting Association (PBA), about channeling initiatives to revitalize the media industry to protect Workers.

The Government planned to establish information courts to ensure rapid justice for media workers, as well as a new advertising and licensing policy for 58 new television channels, including 8 news and current affairs.

The Special Assistant also stated that the Government was working for a mechanism such as the Press Council in consultation with the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBA) to effectively address issues related to media personnel and personnel, including sudden cuts in personal.

Dr. Awan said that the media courts will only listen to complaints and media problems, and help provide justice to those affected in the shortest possible time.

Dr. Awan said that the media courts would also deal with the problems between PEMRA and cable operators, who used to appear before the courts for any PEMRA action, which would lead to delays in the implementation of the decisions. PEMRA policies.

She said the ministry would like to play an effective role in solving the problems of media workers and in protecting their rights.

“My ministry will act as a bridge between media and staff roles,” he said.

Rana Sanaullah admitted involvement in drug smuggling, claims ANF in challan

Islamabad – Rana Sanaullah Khan, president of the Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League (PML-N), admitted in his statement to the investigative officer that he had been involved in drug trafficking for years, as the ANF said in a quiet court .

“I have been involved in drug / drug trafficking for years, and my expenses have inflated shortly after entering politics, but my income has not been very high … I have developed links with drug traffickers after entering politics , especially after becoming a minister of law in Punjab. Sana Allah admitted in his statement, according to ANF Chalan.

“I felt that some of my well-known politicians became billionaires and that the main leaders of almost all political parties declared illegal real estate, I was middle class and developed greed after meeting me.” It was an easy way to avoid the police, etc. As an influential person, no one dared to check my car, “according to his statement, to ANF Chalan of the four pages presented to the court on Tuesday.

“I obtained drugs from Afghans in Faisalabad and then other drug traffickers obtained these drugs at different points to smuggle them abroad to different countries.”

But Nabila Sanaullah, wife of the leader of the Muslim League of Pakistan, strongly denied the accusations and described them as a false story against her husband. He claimed that the Afghan National Army was trying to photograph a fake video of her husband with drugs.

“My husband is innocent,” she told Gio News. He described the arrest of Sana Allah as a political victim by many government critics.

The commander of the Afghan armed forces also claimed that “on July 1, the Afghan National Army learned through the source that Rana Sanaullah would transport large drugs on his V-8 No BF-0601 while traveling to Lahore. The forces Afghan navies prepared an attack team consisting of an assistant The Director of the Ministry of Higher Education, Mr. Imtiaz Shima, the inspectors Noaman Gaws, Mohamed Aslam, Ahzam Azzam, the sub-inspectors Anjam Shakil, Nada Ali Hassan, the police chief Tawfiq Ahmed Muhammad Yunus, police officers Ahmad Aftab, Waseem Mokhtar, Wassim Akram, Tawfiq Ahmad, Muhammad Adnan, driver Shahbaz Ajum and police drivers Mohammed Ashfaq And in the Imam Box, the team arrived around 1 pm at Rafi Plaza Lahore, around 3:29 pm, Rana Sanaullah arrived with her bodyguards on the spot with two cars. There were three people in each vehicle. “Heroin bag and a weapon of Rana Sana Allah’s arrest , his bodyguards started fighting with the ANA team. ” Afghan National Army officials also alleged that they had seized 15 kilograms of heroin from the Sanaullah car while supporting the guards of the Pakistan Muslim League (BIA) party leader for restricting the law.

Al-Shallan, who has a copy with this reporter, said private guards attempted to extract Rana Sanaullah from Afghan National Army officials in an attempt to escape, but Afghan National Police forces reached them immediately.

CDR, CCTV channels, CD-ROM, SECP letter, FIA travel history, witness data, NIH reports, asset details and other necessary documents with Challan were also collected.

Azizullah, deputy director of operations, introduced Shaalan, who also read that six witnesses recorded their statements. DD Operations Azizullah, AD Imiaz Chema, Inspector Nauman Ghaus, Inspector Ahsan Azam, SI Tanswar Hussain and ASI Muhammad Saleem were named. Criminal records were also provided to all defendants before the Court. Nine cases have already been filed against four alleged men in the Sanaa-Allah Frog Front on this issue.

A special investigation team, led by a brigadier general, is conducting an investigation against Sanaullah. The team interviewed about six dozen people arrested by the National Armed Forces of Afghanistan in a drug-related case in the last eight days.

The five-member team will continue investigating about 12 people accused in this historical case of drug smuggling over the next two weeks, while the judge extended the return of all defendants, including Sanaullah. The hearing will resume on July 30.

Pakistani-origin Sajid Javid named Britain finance minister

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed former Interior Minister Sajid Javed to take over as finance minister Philip Hammond on his first appointment to the government, the government said in a statement Wednesday.

“We look forward to working with the Treasury to prepare for the exit of the European Union, the unification of our country and the creation of our economy for the

My parents came from Pakistan for only £ 1: Sajid

Javed, a former banker with a modest background, was a rival to the prime minister, but Johnson admitted he couldn’t get enough support from his fellow conservatives.

Javed, 49, was appointed Interior Minister of Great Britain last year. Javed, the son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver, knows that he is a face of modern and multicultural Britain and merit.

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed former Interior Minister Sajid Javed to take over as finance minister Philip Hammond on his first appointment to the government, the government said in a statement Wednesday.

Javed, a former banker with a modest background, was a rival to the prime minister, but Johnson admitted he couldn’t get enough support from his fellow conservatives.

Javed, 49, was appointed Interior Minister of Great Britain last year. Javed, the son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver, knows that he is a face of modern and multicultural Britain and merit.

PM Imran congratulates Boris Johnson on becoming British PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday received Boris Johnson, the new elected leader of the Conservative Party, to take his partner’s country in the United Kingdom.

“Congratulations, Deputy Boris Johnson on his election as leader of the opposition and assumption of the Prime Minister,” Imran Khan said in a message from his official Twitter account.

The prime minister said he hopes to work with Johnson and that his election will help bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United Nations.

New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Pakistan

“I am convinced that under his leadership, not only the United Kingdom and the people of Laos will prosper, but our bilateral relations will be sustainable.”

The Pakistani prime minister is known for his personal personal connections with Johnson, who was photographed with Khan during a visit to Pakistan in 2016.

Former London Prime Minister and representative of Brexit 2016, Johnson officially replaced Theresa May and served as Britain’s prime minister on Wednesday, a day after winning the leadership of the conservatives.

She can be removed from office after not being able to remove her plan from the European Union through the National Assembly, forcing her to refuse twice a day on British trips.